Over the past 30 years, Pushpanjali Fair Trade has been dedicated to improving living conditions of local craft producers in the Agra area of India. Their commitment is to contribute to craft producers empowerment, by providing them with sustainable work, fair wages and profit sharing. They also provide credit & advances, ensuring equal wages to women producers, foster training, education and healthcare. Promoting the cultural wealth and identity and recognising local producers craft mastery is also at the heart of what Pushpanjali does, as a key enabler for producers' empowerment. Their mission is to increase the livelihoods and well-being of disadvantaged people.

Pushpanjali strictly enforces Fair Trade standards and principles set by WFTO ensuring full respect of the producers rights and well-being, of the environmental care, and of the expectations of customers and consumers.

We partner with Pushpanjali to create beautifully handmade bags and accessories including hand beaded coin purses and pouches.