Dev Tech

Dev Tech is a small producer group set up to protect the traditional Bangladeshi skill of hand weaving and to provide employment to people who lack access to secure employment and fair pay. They provide jobs to 20 people in rural Bangladesh, nine men and eleven women. They make beautifully unique, hand woven products, which are one of a kind and not found anywhere else in the world. Dev Tech, in partnership with People Tree, keeps this unique skill of hand weaving. Each thread is individually placed on the loom by hand, being woven into beautiful fabric and cut, tailored and trimmed into a People Tree dress.

Producer Profile 1:

Samad is the pattern cutting master at Dev Tech. Before working here, he was a tailor, but since beginning this job he has refined his skill to pattern cutting master. He enjoys working at Dev Tech thanks to all the friendly and open staff, including his boss who always helps him out if he has any issues. He enjoys his work as he feels a personal connection with his colleagues and boss.

Producer Profile 2:

Saidul has been working with Dev Tech since it began, 6 years ago. He has a good relationship with his boss Prodip. "It’s not like working in conventional garment factories where the staff are not treated well and people use foul language, in conventional factories you can lose your job if you don’t reach daily quotas, there is not guarantee of employment. At Dev Tech there is less pressure and you can expand your experience in different areas of the work."